Driving directions to the Hotel Siror

Indicazioni stradali per raggiungere Siror di Primiero

1. Motorway A1 and A13 (Florence-Bologna-Padova):
way out at Padova Ovest and the go away Cittadella, Bassano, Fonzaso;
2. Motorway A4 and A31 (Milan-Vicenza-Valdastico):
way out at Dueville and then go away Bassano, Primolano, Fonzaso
3. Motorway A4 and A27 (Trieste-Venezia-Vittorio Veneto):
way out at Treviso and then go away Montebelluna, Feltre, Fonzaso
4. Motorway A4 (Valdastico):
way out at Dueville (Bassano-Fonzaso-Primiero);
5. Motorway A22 (Brennero-Modena):
a) way out at Ora and then go away Cavalese, Predazzo, Passo Rolle;
b) way out at Trento and then go away Borgo Valsugana, Primolano, Fonzaso BY AEROPLANE :
- Venice - - Verona - - Treviso -
- Feltre: (train direct from Padova, Rome and Milan),
- Trento: (train direct from Rome and Milan) and the by Bus "Trentino Trasporti"

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